Learn To Trap

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If you have never trapped before - start with Learn To Trap!

Simple, No BS Video

This is a complete, no nonsense, straight talk Trapping 101 course. This is an hour long video will take you from knowing nothing about trapping to being able to set traps and put food on your table.

Basic Sets Explained

The pocket set

The pipe set

The bucket set

The snare set

Types of Traps Explained




SD Bucket Snare

Learn To make the SD Bucket Snare

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Drop Dead Simple Design

Make it yourself with commonly available hardware

One Trap for All Game

Catch everything from possums to deer with the same bucket snare trap

Bring the Game to You

No need for dozens of snares, bait them into your bucket

Easy To Customize

No special parts required - use what you have available


Can be scaled from a 3 gallon bucket to a 55 gallon drum

Money Saver

Build this trap for less than $10 - much cheaper than store bought snare throwers

Resistance Trapping

The grid is down, the fight has begun. Exactly how are you and your men going to feed themselves?

For the next few years?

The MRE's are gone

Do you really think your fellow citizens are going to risk their lives to feed you?

Trap or Die

The one trap you can actually carry, that will feed you for years.

Which Animals to Catch for Food?

Learn which animals and birds to catch - and how.

Water = Life

Real life use of gill nets and snaglines. Where to buy them and how to make them.

Foothold Traps as Perimeter Alarms

How to use your foot hold trap as a perimiter alarm

Man Trapping

Trap the ultimate quarry - those who would shoot you on sight.

Why Survival Trapping

Our Philosophy


Why Trap Your Food?

The quality of your food is bad, and it is getting worse. Other people are deciding what you eat. If you do not control your meat supply, then somebody else does. Someone else decides if a downer cow goes into the grinder. Someone else decides what steroids, antibiotics and growth hormones go into your meat. Someone else decides what you will eat – not you.

Remember Mad Cow disease? You know, the disease caused by producers turning cows into cannibals by feeding them to each other? In my opinion, that is not only criminal, it’s sick and morally wrong. But someone else made that decision – and they fed the meat to unsuspecting people who weren’t even informed about what was being done to them.

Remember Pink Slime? How long have they been putting that in your kids hamburger at school? How long was it being fed to you by WalMart without you knowing it. Think about it.


Do NOT be Controlled

Throughout history, food has been used as a weapon to control people. The more self sufficient you are, the less control tyrants have over you.

Our society's "Just in Time" inventory mentality combined with the fact that our food travels thousands of miles to our plates renders our social fabric extremely fragile.

A terrorist or cyber attack could empty the store shelves in days. And then what? After Katrina people begged FEMA for an MRE or a bottle of water. They lined up and boarded the buses. They had no choice.

You do.



There. I said it. War. Think it can't happen here? Think again. I've lived and worked in countries such as El Salvador, Nicaragua and Bolivia. Low intensity conflict, terrorism, government clampdowns. Call it what you will, but I believe our country is disintegrating and that difficult days lie ahead.

Resistance Trapping is the culmination of everything I know about poaching in an environment where the rule of law has been replaced by the rule of the gun. Everything from how to catch hawks with foothold traps to foot snaring deer to gillnets and snaglines is covered. It's all illegal, but when the day comes when you may be shot on sight, this may just save your life. One thing is for sure, your fellow upstanding citizens that got us into this mess damn sure won't help you out.


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