The MeatTrapper Canadian Skinner

MT Canadian Skinner

The MeatTrapper Canadian Skinner is the result of more than 15 years of skinning everything from mink to hogs, and never finding the "perfect" knife. I have used everything from $600 Randalls to razor blade knives. No matter which knife I used, they all would excel in one area, but be lacking on others.

Some time ago I tried a Canadian pattern belt knife. I had never tried this uniquely shaped blade before. For some reason, it's just never been popular here in the US. I was immediately impressed by the blade pattern. It had plenty of belly and skinned well, the point was center lined and did a great job on opening cuts, safeguarding against puncturing intestines or bladders. I was convinced that this pattern would make a great skinner and meat cutter - it just needed to be designed specifically as a meat knife instead of an all around bushcraft knife. Specifically, it needed a high hollow grind, a full, hand filling handle, and a quality steel that would hold a long lasting edge.

I have been collaborating with a master knife maker who not only hand forges his knives, but he makes the entire knife himself, from the blade to the handle to the kydex neck sheath. We have taken my design and produced a completely hand made, custom Canadian patterned blade focused specifically on being a meat knife. Skinning, jointing, and trimming meat.

The MeatTrapper Canadian Skinner is distal forged from 52100 steel. This steel is extremely difficult to forge, which is why it is so rare. In this day and age, everyone wants quick and easy. But, 52100 takes a frighteningly sharp edge - and holds it! When I have 10 beaver stacked up to skin after a long hard day in the swamp, I want to skin animals - not sharpen knives!

Each one of these knives is unique and unlike the others. No two are identical! Each is made entirely by hand. One thing that will not change is each knife has outstanding handle ergonomics. Flat, do nothing handles may be cheap to make, but a skinning knife needs to fill and fit the contours of your hand. Comfort may not count for opening the occasional card board box, but when skinning animal after animal - it makes a big difference! Just ask anyone with carpel tunnel syndrome!

This knife slices like a dream, makes opening cuts that are safe and effortless, and hold an edge longer than you want to skin. They are designed to my personal specification and made entirely by hand, right here in Alabama.

It takes time to make these, and once they are gone, it will be a while before another batch is available, so get yours today! This truly is a 'last a lifetime' knife! This is the knife I put my name on.

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MTS 82 10,000 year Old Woolly mammoth Ivory

#82  10,000 Year Old Woolly Mammoth Ivory - SOLD!

MTS 84 Gar Fish Skin

#84 Gar Fish Skin - SOLD!

MTS 74 Black and Green Micarta

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SD Bucket Snare

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My custom POWERED snare trap can be used on almost ANY animal! Wild hogs, Raccoons, Opossum, Skunk, Cougar, Fox, Bobcat, Javelina, Coyote,  Bear, Wolf & many other species are no match for the SD Bucket Snare Trap!

I designed it to be super cheap, very tough, extremely easy to build & setup and use. Since it's a powered snare, it AUTOMATICALLY closes the snare loop when the animal hit's the trigger, resulting in FAR fewer misses. In my experience, this trap was designed with the DIY'er in mind. Designed for trappers, bushcrafters, survivalists and preppers.

Seriously, the possibilities with this system are almost endless!   You build this trap yourself with regular everyday materials available at your local hardware store. It might cost you 11 or 12 dollars to make, depending on where you shop. However, most of the people that are into this kind of thing will already have some, if not all the necessary supplies on hand.

The VERSATILITY is endless, it can be scaled from a 3 gallon bucket to a 55 gallon drum! This is a HIGHLY DETAILED "How To" video that you can download and it's yours forever. Build as many of them as you want for a one time LOW price purchase.

Drop Dead Simple Design
Make it yourself with commonly available hardware

One Trap for All Game
Catch everything from possums to bear with the same snare trap

Bring the Game to You
No need for dozens of snares, bait them into your bucket

Easy To Customize
No special parts required - use what you have available

Can be scaled from a 3 gallon bucket to a 55 gallon drum

Money Saver
Build this trap for less than $12 - much cheaper than store bought snare throwers This is a highly DETAILED video that includes MANY tips & tricks to help on your way!

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