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Why Trap

Food Quality

The quality of your food is bad, and it is getting worse. Other people are deciding what you eat. If you do not control your meat supply, then somebody else does. Someone else decides if a downer cow goes into the grinder. Someone else decides what steroids, antibiotics and growth hormones go into your meat. Someone else decides what you will eat – not you.

Remember Mad Cow disease? You know, the disease caused by producers turning cows into cannibals by feeding them to each other? In my opinion, that is not only criminal, it’s sick and morally wrong. But someone else made that decision – and they fed the meat to unsuspecting people who weren’t even informed about what was being done to them.

What about the horse meat scandal? Not only are they finding that meat suppliers have been putting horse meat into ground beef products in Europe, but now they are finding that donkey meat was used as well. The problem is that people were being lied to about what kind of meat they were being sold, but also the fact that dangerous chemicals that were used to treat the race horses ended up in the meat supply.

Remember Pink Slime? How long have they been putting that in your kids hamburger at school? How long was it being fed to you by WalMart without you knowing it. Think about it.

You can research Chinese fish farming techniques for yourself. They routinely dump huge bags of antibiotics into fish pools, or into giant nets that are crammed full of fish to keep them alive because they are crammed in so tightly they’ll develop sores and die otherwise. Then that same fish is sold to you in Walmart and you think you are ‘eating light’ or ‘eating healthy’.

    Why Not Raise Meat? Why Trap It?

This is a great question. The answer is simple. It costs money to raise meat. You have to have a place to raise the animals, you have to feed them, provide medical care for them and abide by all the regulations around that process. Once you get into the feed to meat conversion ratio, that is – how many pounds of feed does it take to raise a pound of meat, you’ll see that it’s no simple or cheap process. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of responsibility.

You can’t just decide to take a two week vacation if you’ve got a bunch of chickens in the back yard. It’s a commitment to raise animals. The investment in both time and infrastructure can be enormous.

What if you live in an apartment, or a typical neighborhood where it’s illegal to raise livestock? You can be a meat trapper even if you live in an apartment in a city of a million people. In future articles and videos, I will show you how to catch, butcher and cook animals while living and trapping in the city; and your only investment will be the cost of your traps, which will last you for years and years once purchased.


Anybody who’s been to the store lately knows that food inflation is out of control. Meat is expensive, and will continue to get more expensive. The price of meat is NOT going to go down. It takes money to raise a cow, feed it, care for it, transport it, butcher it, inspect it, and then transport it again.

Every time gas goes up – meat goes up. Every time oil goes up, fertilizer goes up, feed goes up – and yep, meat goes up. The problem is, with our government printing money out of thin air, the value of the dollar slides each and every day. This means that the price of oil will continue to rise – even if we have more oil. It’s not about the supply and demand of oil – it’s about the supply and demand of DOLLARS. It’s not that we have less oil, it’s that we’ve printed too many dollars; and trust me, they are going to have to print a LOT more in the coming years. It’s a vicious, never ending cycle. It will not get better. It will get worse.


Another reason to make your own meat is simple availability. The day may come when there is no meat to be had in the store. The store may be closed. A crisis could shut down transportation and food distribution. A storm could destroy the road networks. By learning to make your own meat, you will be much more resilient in times of crisis.

    The Bottom Line: Freedom of Choice

The bottom line for me is that I believe food should be clean, wholesome and nutritious. When buying meat at the store, I no longer have faith that I’m getting a clean, wholesome, natural product.

That’s why I decided to make my own meat. And to let Mother Nature feed the animal, weed out the sick and diseased ones and bring the rest to me and my traps.

This nation was founded on the concept of individual sovereignty and personal liberty. At the most basic level, if we are not free to choose what we put into our bodies, then can we even pretend to be free? I don’t think so. We have reached the point in this country where we have politicians telling us what sized soft drinks we can consume, how much salt can be used in our food, what we can smoke, what we can drink, and how much of a tax we must pay in order to feed ourselves.

I say to hell with that. I am a free man. I will produce my food, myself. I will choose what I eat. No man will make that choice for me.

Join me and learn to become a free man – a meat trapper!

So What's On The Video?

This is a complete, no nonsense, straight talk Trapping 101 course. This is an hour long, no BS video that will take you from knowing nothing about trapping to being able to set traps and put food on your table.

This is not a slick, special effects heavy, professionally produced video.

This is a simple, homemade video that will teach you the basics of trapping. Most trapping videos sell for $40 these days. They have to cover the cost of expensive cameras, editors, dealers, middlemen and packaging and shipping. I cut through all the bull and extra cost and give you what you need to start catching animals, whether you’re trapping for fur, for meat or for survival.

There’s nothing secret in this video. In fact, if you spend enough time online you can probably find everything in this video for free. The problem is, you’ll spend a lot of time doing it, and in the process you’ll run across a lot of inaccurate, incomplete and misleading information. For only $4.99, less than the cost of a pound of store bought meat, you’ll have everything you need to get started in one, simple, well organized, easy to understand video. What is covered in this video:

Why should you learn to trap?

What are the different types of traps?

We’ll cover coil spring traps, long spring traps, body grip traps and snares

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type?

What size trap do you need to use?

What are ‘offset jaws’ and when do you need to use them?

How to safely handle traps

How to fasten your trap down so the animal can’t run off with it after being caught

What are the different types of cable to make snares from and what is the difference between them?

What are the basic trapping tools you need

What is an extension cable and why you need them

What is a drowner setup, why you might need them and how you make them

In the field demo: How to make basic sets:

The pocket set

The pipe set

The bucket set

The snare set

How to use a piece of rope to set a body grip trap and perform a self rescue when caught in your trap.

$4.99 Instant download click here: Learn To Trap – Trapping 101