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Learn To Trap

Click Here to Learn To Trap Your Food Now!

Welcome to the Meat Trapper. If you are ready to learn to feed yourself and your family from the abundance of free, high quality, organic food living all around you, then you've come to the right place!

Trapping Videos

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Click here for over a hundred free trapping videos. Watch as I make and set snares, bodygrips and foot hold traps to catch food for my family.

There's a LOT of knowledge in these videos and they are absolutley free.

Turtle Trapping

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Turtles are plentiful, easy to catch and great eating

Check out these videos and learn how to catch all the snappers you want using traps or simple hook lines

Prepping Videos

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Don't think you need to prep? Think again.

Check out these videos on why you need to prep and how to get started!

Catfish Trapping

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Catfish are Great Food

Traps, hook and line, nets and yo yo - there are lots of ways to ctach catfish

If you are completely new to trapping and don't know what to buy or how to get started, I have a great Learn to Trap video available for instanst download. It's a great way to get started.